Sound blaster 5 1 pro bsod

i have had nothing but (black)bsod with my to attemptys at installing creative labs soundblaster 5.1 pro
any ideas
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  1. typical of anything creative
  2. nice flaming that last post :D

    Actually give us some information about you system and I can certainly help you. I have always owned creative cards starting from Soundblaster Audigy 2. Never ha any problems but at least I got some experience on how things are working.

    So just give us ur system specs and what version of windows you have. Also can you give the name of the specific driver you are installing to use the card.
  3. Sorry for double post,

    Can you also give the code that appears on the bsod screen (write it down when it happens again) and tell me at what moment this happens (when you install drivers or when you are listening to music?
  4. tlg said:
    nice flaming that last post :D

    Actually give us some information about you system and I can certainly help you. I have always owned creative cards starting from Soundblaster Audigy 2. Never ha any problems but at least I got some experience on how things are working.

    So just give us ur system specs and what version of windows you have. Also can you give the name of the specific driver you are installing to use the card.

    hi and thanks for your interst,,,,firstlt may i say that my card as been removed and uninstalled and my lappy backed up and basically set to factory reset and still i have bsod,,,now your thinking hold on its his lappy with the problem well im adamant it isnt,,,,for me to explain to you the problem im going to paste the email i sent to creative labs tech support which im still waiting for a responce,, :sleep: :whistle:

    Hi Casey,

    Ok i'm going to give you as much detailed info as possible. Let me begin by saying that ive had my Acer aspire 8930 for 4 years problem free, other than the usual minor stuff which can be resolved with a quick restore.

    Now unfortunatley one night i decided to put lappy on the floor whilst listening via earphones, when i walked past it i ripped the earphones out and my earphone jackplug socket became inoperative, though that was it, sound was still available from my lappy speakers as crystal as normal.

    But as im keen on my music and my music taste is not to my families approval my listening to music whilst online came to an end. so i searched the web for earphones that worked via USB but couldn't find any that i wanted. After being advised that i could purchase external soundcards i then purchased A CREATIVE LABS SOUNDBLASTER 5.1 from Maplins(walsall) March 2011, bearing in mind that i could have purchaesd cheaper models, my expectations where positive.

    Now i had read some reviews and some mentioned that the install for the accompanied software did take a while, but as my initial install took nearly an hour i was not impressed at all, but endeavoured to the end, and after the software had finished installing i was met with the usual prompt of RESTART YOUR COMPUTER.

    After restarting my lappy my power light came on and HD activity LED light flickered normally and the welcome tune was heard but my screen on my lappy stayed black. After waiting a couple of minutes then five minutes then ten i was convinced there was a problem.

    So using another PC i visited an online forum i fruquently use and explained my problem and was given some potential causes one being my vidieo card had fried or some other components had failed. One guy on there suggested that i try an external moniter to eliminate that my video card had failed, so i did and my lappy was visible to which i was relieved. From there i treid to uninstall the soundblaster software but found no sign of it in my programs folder, then i tried a simple sytem restroe to no avail. I checked device manager and found no problems all drivers working as normal and up to date, then i came to a brick wall.

    As it happens one of my good friends passed by and after telling him about my problem he began to have a look and with him having a bit more knowledge than myself rebooted my lappy in low resolution, to my amazement my screen appeared. Please note that whether my soundblaster was connected or not my screen was back visible. He didnt know wh it came back on it just did.

    With screen back in operation i was left with my external sound card doing nothing and my earphones still toally useless so i just connected the card via USB and my lappy recognised and found hardware and connected to my soundblaster by itself, i could know listen to music via my earphones via my soundblaster though this have an effect on my sound from my lappy speakers i had no sound at all from them, but after adjusting default settings i had sound on my lappy and through my earphones, happy days!

    Now i ask myself why didnt i just stop a that, well i thought that as i wasnt using my soundcard to its full capacity and benifit i stupidly tried to install it again(BAD IDEA).
    Again i insereted rom and followed the instructions and began to install it, this time the installation went a lot smoother and was finished within 15 minutes, i assumed now that a bum installation had caused my BSOD.

    My resatrt my computer prompt appeared and fingers crossed i clicked and waited and suprisingley my lappy started with my screen working normal. I had new icons in my tray and a shortcut icon on my desktop which i clicked and entered the program lookingh at the freatures it ha to offer, everything as far as i could see was working and as it was getting late i retired for ythe evening.

    The next day when i booted my lappy i was greeted yet again with a BSOD, I have tried to start my lappy in low res but this hasnt fixed it as again l am able to view it via an external screen, i have uninstalled the program but this hasn't done nothing to fix it either.

    Please can you advise, the problem DOES lie with software accomponied with the soundblaster sound card it is obvious it cannot be a coincidence as im sure youll agree.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


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    From: CLE Customer Support
    To: paul guest
    Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 10:06 AM
    Subject: Re: CLE - Technical Support Request - (Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro) (KMM37893397I15977L0KM)


    If it is the card then disconnecting it from the Laptop should resolve the problem. Does the screen come back if the X-fi is disconnected?

    Please remember the more information you provide, including previous
    correspondence in your mail, helps in troubleshooting and solving the
    problem you are experiencing.

    Thank You
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    Subject: CLE - Technical Support Request - (Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro)
    Name: paul guest
    E-mail Address:
    Self Description: Intermediate PC User
    Region: Europe
    Country: United Kingdom

    Support Inquiry: I need help with a Creative software application
    Product: Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro
    CCPP Certificate Number:
    Serial Number: ydsb1095049002417n
    Purchase Date: Mar/19/2011

    Operating System: Windows Vista 32-bit
    Creative Model Number: sb1095
    Computer Brand/Model:
    Processor/CPU: intel core duo
    Memory: 4.0gb
    BIOS Type/Revision:
    System Board/Chipset:

    Detailed Problem Description:
    i have installed software to soundblaster it took nearly 50min and when finally installed and told to restart my pc pc came on but without screedn (bsod) now fearingthe worse that my vidio card had failed i tried various things and settings on my lappy to no avail my friend came around a week later tried a few things one a very simple reboot in low res and got my screen back,,please be aware my lappy worked on external monitor,,anyway before my problem statred, before i restarted after instal i did have software installed i had new various icons etc in tray and shortcuts and so on,,wel i thought i did until i went to uninstall creativelabz it wasnt there,,so like a fool i put disc back in to install again,,only this time it seemed to install smoother and in about 15min and after i was prompted to restart my pc i still had my screen and when my lappy rebooted i still had my screen ,,this was going just how i wanted it to be my soundblaster installed i could open programe etc it was installed,,anyway the next day when i turned on my lappy guess what bsod,,though i got a perfect screen on a external moniter ,,know i know the problem lies with soundblaster installation any ideas ,,,please advise kind regards Paul Guest

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