ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350 XT (DDR3 512)

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  2. Sorry it can't play Crysis, or Crysis 2, Or pretty much any new game well.

    Well it could, but do you really want to play Crysis with the lowest possible detail and ugly graphics?

    You can't upgrade the video card, if you can it's not worth it (as i'm guessing it's for a laptop - hence the mobility name).

    If it is indeed a laptop you are using, and you need a laptop - its best just to buy a whole new laptop. As upgrading your laptop (if it indeed is one) would be costly and most likely not worth it, or even impossible.

    If you need the latest drivers, regardless of OEM go to:

    select the mobility drivers, your OS 32/64bit and those drivers should work. Sometimes better drivers than the company you bought the laptop from.


    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350

    The ATI Mobilty Radeon HD 4350 by AMD is a DirectX 10.1 low-end notebook graphics adapter. Technically it lies between Mobility Radeon 4330 and 4530 (only the clock rate differentiates them).

    The gaming performance of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD4350 lies under the desktop 4350 and therefore DirecX 9 games should run fluent in medium detail settings. Demanding games like Crysis can only be played in low detail settings.

    The Mobility HD 4350 is based on the RV710 chip and features 80 stream processors (16 5-dimensional shader cores). These cores do the graphic work of the shader- and pixel pipelines of older GPUs. The stream processors are also called ALUs and are grouped in five-way VLIW units. Each of the five instructions of a VLIW bundle has to be independent from the others and therefore the performance depends on the optimization of the driver.

    A speciality of the Radeon HD 4350 is the possibility to use ordinary DDR2 and DDR3 graphic memory (as a cheaper alternative to GDDR3). However, cards that use that kind of memory will be slower than others equipped with GDDR RAM (because of the different bandwidth 16 versus 32 bit).

    The Mobility Radeon HD 4350 includes the Avivo HD called video technology including an onboard soundchip for 7.1 sound output over HDMI or DisplayPort and the 2nd generation UVD (Unified Video Decoder). This UVD 2 supports full bitstream decoding of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and VC-1 streams. In addition to this, it also supports dual video stream decoding and Picture-in Picture mode which makes the UVD full BD-Live compliant. Simplified, the Avivo HD technology handles all video tasks and enables the GPU to decode HD videos.

    AMD published a current consumtion of about 8-12 Watt for the HD 4530. Still it is unclear if this value represents the chip alone or the whole mxm board including the memory (which would include about 5 Watt).

    Compared to the desktop ATI Radeon HD 4350, the mobile 4350 features a slower core clock (600 versus 500) but can have a higher memory clock. Therefore, the performance should be more or less comparable (the mobile card will be a bit slower).

    Good luck!
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