GTX 460 on 650i SLI chip set

I built my system in Nov. 06 just as the 8800GTX and 650i chipset shipped. I believed they would "match" for better performance. There was no game that could not run smoothly and I was always impressed over the years how well it held up with the new games coming out. Sadly the 8800 dies in Dec '10 and I replaced it with a GTX 460 because of the good reviews, but have been very unhappy since because I'm getting stuttering, slow animation on high frame rates, staggering as it loads new data and freezes for a few seconds every now and then. I never had any of these thing with the 8800 and I'm wondering what the problem is? Right now I'm thinking it’s a chipset mismatch. I keep all the drivers updated but certain games will not perform. Dark Space 2 ran perfectly at really high fps. but Black-ops staggers like a 2 year old with a fork in a wall socket. I really want to go back to an 8800 and to heck with dx11. Anybody have a suggestion as what to do? I’ve tried a few tweaks in bios including latest bios updates. The thing is..I go online and read about whom else is having these particular problems and it’s always the same…”We don’t have any problems and we feel for you guys out there that do”. Well I was one of those who didn’t have problems and I hate being on this ‘other side’! Anyone else relate to this?
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  1. It could be an issue with CPU bottleneck. Which CPU do you have?
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