Diablotek vs, CoolMax?

Which brand is better Diablotek or CoolMax? I know they are not the best, but which one is better?
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  1. for what? PSU's? Coolmax i would prefer...but you are right, they both suck.
  2. Yeah. PSU's. But If I have a Pentium Dual Core and Radeon 6850, will a CoolMax 600W psu be good?
  3. Please do not get either one Coolmax or Diablotek.

    They can't deliver the power that it says on the box, not even close.

    An Antec Earthwatts 430 can put out more juice than a Coolmax or Diablotek 800.

    I am begging you, don't get the Coolmax or the Diablotek.

    There is a reason Chrysler doesn't put Dodge Neon engines into their Dodge Vipers.

    - Edit - Review showing the Coolmax 750 failing when the reviewer tried to get 500 out of it http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Coolmax-CUL-750B-750-W-Power-Supply-Review/977/7

    One try of 500 and the PSU was blown for good, couldn't turn it back on.

    The best efficiency from the device was below 200w.

    Seriously, just don't plz god.
  4. ^ +1

    Great analogy! And he is right, not only are you wasting money, but you are risking blowing up your whole system. and a good 400W-500W PSU will do you far greater good than a cheap-o 600W+ crappo brand PSU.
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