soo i used wintoflash

i have a image iso i used bunch of times and work all the damn time.

i checked it on my main computer ran it smoothly.

trying to run it on my girlfriend computer... but its not working properly;y

it just freezes at the Starting windows.


AMD althon x2 3.0ghz 250

5770 ATI hd graphic card

8gb corsair ram 1600

700w power supply

1tb western digital hard drive green cavair

help much? why dopes it freeze??!?!
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  1. The image you have is with the hardware that is in your computer and the hardware in your girlfriends computer is completely different , that's why it's freezing.
  2. Windows 7 is much better at being transplanted to another computer than Windows XP, but often on dissimilar hardware it will cause the computer to freeze. You need to install Windows from the installation disk or from the recovery partition or recovery DVD's
  3. well i past the the screen but it crashes everytime i get past the setup... man!!
  4. ok i passed it and it was expanding files

    and i got the bosd nfts.sys non_page_fault _area what does that mean
  5. soo everytime i past it and get to the explanding files and its loading i get bosd

    non_page_fault area_ and an clock interrupet the secondary time internval somehint something?

    please help:{
  6. I don't understand what you are doing, are you reinstalling Windows with an installation disk? If so the error message you are getting would indicate that you are having memory problems. This could be caused by faulty memory or a bad power supply.
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