Intel core i5 2500k help!

Hey i have a storm by BSOD but when i turn my i5 to only work from 2 cores it will work just fine. But i'ts slower becouse i only runs from 2 cores. What can be the problem? have all the lates driver, no overclock, cpu temp 34 C, all cabels connected.. Help thanks!

(DMP file)
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  1. spec:

    Asrock fatal1ty professional (updated)
    Corsair ax 850w
    Corsair vengance 4gb 1866mzh
    Corsair vengance 4gb 1866mzh
    Corsair h80
    Corsair force 3 (have disconnected it and boot from usb no change, have the update to)
    Msi geforce 560 ti (updated)
    Nzxt phantom
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