Will this cpu fit my motherboard

I have a msi 760gm-p23 matx motherboard and on the back of the box it says support for amd fx,phenom ii, Athlon ii, and sempron processors with am3+ socket i just need to know before i buy my cpu that it fits foreshore i want to get a amd athlon ii x4 can someone tell me if it will fit.
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  1. As long as the TDP is no more than 95W, you should be able to use it with that board. Also, depending on the X4 you plan to buy, you can get the better FX 4100 or 6100 for not much more. Here's a list of compatible CPUs (with the latest BIOS):
  2. you don't hear many good things about the crippled llano/ athlon II chips, phenom II x4 965 might be best until piledriver fx, maybe?
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