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Looking for a new cheap AM3 motherboard.

Hey community,

So I've got a complex situation. The motherboard that I decided to use for a 955 build turned out to be really slow. I figured that I would just give it the AM2+ motherboard I have been using with my 965 and upgrade that one.

I'm looking for a motherboard that's M-ATX and will work with the 965 in terms of overclocking. I don't actually care THAT much about it, like I dont want the Sabertooth or anything, but I'd like to keep the mobo/RAM at about $100. Willing to go over a bit.

I'm in no rush really. I'll probably upgrade the 955 computer and then sell it. I've got too many.

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    I use an older version of this board: ($59.99 at newegg, link broken). Mine has 3 overclock settings built into the bios, so you don't have to set the overclock manually. Only negative is fan noise until windows loads, and the smartfan settings kick in.
  2. Looks promising and good reviews. Thanks!
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