Is the ATI 5670 better then nvidia 9500gt?

I was wondering if the 5670 1gb gddr5 is better then the 9500gt 1gb Gddr2? I have a 9500gt 1gb and was wanting to know if the 6570 would be enough of a performance boost to justify buying it? will i notice a difference in COBO or SC2? Please nothing about brands. I am not a nvidia or a ATI fanboy i use both brands.
Thanks :D

Also I have overclock the 9500gt to 650 clock 425 mem and 1600 shade.
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  1. yes should be a huge difference, and a worthwhile upgrade. this assumes you have a decent cpu, enough ram, and sufficient power supply
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    5670 is better by alot. 5670 is comparable to 9800GT in term of performance but use less power than 9800GT. you can look here for graphic card comparison:,2935-7.html

    some benchmark on 6570 and 6670:
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  4. WOW my 9500gt is pretty lame.. :d I have a overclock x1650 pro and i think its faster. My computer has decent RAM and CPU, and a big PSU
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