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I have a Packard Bell A2620 that I got very cheap, however I need a better graphics card for a few things (light gaming, need a dvi output)

I came across a post on this site someone had made about the same thing, however the cards that were recommended are now old and hard to find - especially new.

The solution was as follows, the card needs to draw less than 75w and fit PCI-E 2.0 x16.

I had my eye on this card "XFX ATI Radeon HD 5450 1024MB DDR3 Low Profile PCI-Express Graphics Card - Display Port Edition"

Anyone know if it will fit? Or can someone suggest something that will?

Any help very very appreciated

EDIT: In case it will help answer my question, here is the original post,
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  1. Nobody seems to be replying.

    I know very very little about power consumption and hardware and such but seeing as in the other post that a ATI 4670 was suggested will a HD 6570 work?

    EDIT:Nope, that card is PCI-e 2.1 which I don't think fits in a 2.0 slot. Anyone chip in?
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