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Asus P8Z77-V LK No dual GPU-Bad board?

2 - 5870s Crossfired worked, now they don't. Second and third GPU slots no longer detected in Windows 7.

Currently, I'm having issues with the detection of any GPU in the second and third pcie slots. This is a brand new build with the following:

i5 - 3570k
OCZ Fatal1ty 750W
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series
Intel 330 Series
XFX 5870 x2
Windows 7

BIOS was updated, Windows 7, AMD CCC 12.6, and drivers installed with a single 5870 in slot 1 and all was well. Upon adding the second 5870 into the system, initially without the CF bridge (..bc I forgot), windows recognized the card and installed appropriately. CCC prompted me if I wanted to CF I must enable it. I restart, this time with the CF bridge and go into CCC. While CCC was open, the system locked up and couldn't recover. I depress the power button, the system shuts down and upon reboot the second card is not recognized. Pop open the case, remove and re-seat the card, boot up and the card is back. I enable CF in CCC, jump into MSI Afterburner and have problems acquiring and adjusting clocks (assuming to ULPS) .. I go into Sapphire Trixx, turn up the fan speed, leave stock power, downclock mem to 600Mhz, push core clock to 942Mhz and start Diablominer for some BTC mining action. The client runs perfectly fine for hours. Later, I stupidly start clicking around on things and moving windows which causes the system to lockup. (I've seen this happen with too much activity while the GPU is at 100% load) Again, I hit the power switch and from then on I have not been able to get Win7 to detect the card. Any video card, however, when plugged in ramps up the fan speed to what I assume were my settings from Trixx, but there's no detection of the fact a card is plugged in.

Here is what I've tried so far:
Placed cards into another system - all cards run fine

Swapping cards in different configs including adding a HIS 6950 to the mix - all cards work individually in slot 1, booting with a card in only slot 2 results in no picture, booting with cards in 1 & 2 with monitor plugged into slot 2 results in still no picture.

Reinstalled drivers & CCC as well as rolling back from 12.6 to 12.4

Reset CMOS / Explored BIOS for any reason it'd be disable / Reseated RAM

Boot into Ubuntu, and it appears it does not acknowledge the existence of the card in slot 2 either. I will say, however, I haven't much experience with Linux to know if there is much to change to at least show there is a second GPU.?

Sorry for the long winded post, I'm desperate for help and want to be thorough from the get-go.

All this leads me to suspect the mobo, and just now considering swapping the pcie power leads... maybe re-update or roll back to a previous BIOS? Perhaps there's something else I'm missing? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

EDIT: on a seemingly unrelated note, I've been having strange bubble notifications pop up in rapid succession informing me I've either plugged in or unplugged a device into the audio jack. it's non-existent, then spams the message, then is gone. it may return later, may not. re-seating power connection on mobo doesn't help, guessing driver issues here. ~~~not sure if this is related, and I care less about this problem.
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  1. Well, it's certainly embarrassing to admit to such a rookie mistake, but as it turns out the second pcie 6 pin connection on the PSU side, the only connection I hadn't examined, had managed to wedge itself free without too much restraint. I found the small plastic clip that should have been holding it in place laying at the bottom of the case. A new 6 pin power lead and GPU2 is back.
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    Luke W Pork,

    Hey. Thanks for the update.

    I hate when people never go around to all the boards and update (viz., document) the problem and resolution.

  3. No problem.

    I agree; it's always such a let down to think you've found a thread with matching description of a mutual problem, only to find it dead in the water. Hopefully, you didn't stumble upon this thread with the same problem that I had because there's not much help here for anyone. Heh
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