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Having trouble diagnosing a problem

Last response: in Components
October 28, 2011 10:50:26 PM

Ok I'm having a couple of issues with my PC

First of all, it wont wake from sleep. If it's asleep and I wake it with the mouse, all of the fans begin to turn, LEDs light up but the monitor wont turn on, there will be no image. The only way I can get it into an operable state is to do a hard reset.

Secondly, My computer has VERY slow boots. When I'm booting my computer it will hang at a black screen for a couple of minutes before it shows the windows logo and when it does get into the OS there is extreme latency in everything I do for the first minutes. (ie: dragging an icon across the screen 20 seconds after its in the OS will be laggy as hell).

Thirdly I'm having trouble with games. In a lot of games I will be playing at full 60 fps but if I turn a corner or turn around it will drop to a crawl for a split second. You may be thinking that this is just normal but think of it like this, it happens EVERY TIME I TURN. So playing some fps games will be like playing a slide show (it is more extreme in some games and less in others), especially if there are quick movements.

Finally, in a game like BF3, I will get an error when I start the game complaining about my gfx drivers. If I re-install them it works (albeit some other issues). However every time I turn off my PC I must re-install the drivers once again or the game will simply refuse to work.

My specs:
i5 2500k
Asus P8P67-M PRO
GTX 570
4GB ddr3 RAM
600W coolermaster Cpu
WD caviar 500GB HDD

MY cpu/mb/ram are newly installed (a month) and the slow boot/wake up issue started shortly (not immideatly) after then. The game issues have been around for before that.
October 28, 2011 11:18:36 PM

Use your power switch instead of a mouse to start your system and get an ssd if you are impatient with the boot up time. I had a similar issue and gave up on using my keyboard to get the system to power on. Are you overclocking the video card or cpu? Have you disabled Intel's speedstep setting in the board bios? (eist).
October 29, 2011 3:10:12 AM

No overclocking and I dont understand why it would wake up from sleep just fine one day and the next it's just slow as hell, and the boot-time (before entering into the OS mind you) just becae slow as hell too. There has to be a reason.
October 29, 2011 9:30:35 AM

Go to the BIOS and change the Sleep Mode State, there should be like S1, S3, POS and a few others. Change the state from S1 to S3 or S3 to S1.
This ought to stop the slow start after sleep.

For the display not working after you wake the rig up. Just make sure you have the PCIe Power configuration right under the sleep mode in the windows power saver options.
If the power dies down when the computer goes to sleep, your GPU is not going to be able to get back the desktop.
You need to keep the minimum required Power to keep PCIe Memory (VRAM) alive.