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Complete newbie to the whole component matching thing.

I have an older hp pavilion s3000 with windows vista laying around. I also have a brand new ASUS P5G41T-M LX i picked up at a store for a super low price. The motherboard on the s3000 has the no video problem thats common with those boards. I also have a core 2 duo e8400 and a 400w power supply. My question is, aside from the ASUS mobo not fitting in the case correctly (that wont be a problem, it isnt going back in the slimline case) will this board work with the hard drive, ram, and other components? i know the board has the 775 socket so the processor will fit. Are there any problems i might run into?
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  1. Yes, that CPU will work in the ASUS motherboard.
    But the Asus motherboard uses DDR3 not DDR2 so the RAM from the HP won't fit.
    The power supply is fine.
    So is the hard drive.
    You will need to get DDR3 RAM
  2. Awesome. I'm sure the answer was easy to find judging from your link but I'm completely new to all this. So thank you for answering such an elementary question!
  3. If your stuck finding out about motherboard compatibility, try googling the make and model and it should come up in the first link if its not a motherboard from a prebuilt (already made) computer, if it is from a prebuilt then search the computers model and make.
  4. Search DDR3 around the web and you will find plenty of choices to choose from.
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