Automatic shutdown during windows load

I have windows 7 (recently changed from windows vista). My computer gets that option of choosing safe mode or normally since its been auto shutting down. When i choose either mode, during the load, it automatically shuts down. My computer is pretty old like maybe 5-6 years.
It's not a heat problem although my heat sink is old and no good because when i left my computer alone for a day and started it up, same result happened and its only at like 30-40 degrees celcius.
It's not a ram problem as there is no blue screen, checked by taking ram out and starting it up but same result.
But the wierdest thing about my computer is that if i try to keep loading windows, after like maybe 10-20 long tries... it works. I can play games fine (i havn't tested for playing games for like 3+ hours but 1+ hour i have). But also when i go to sleep at night (normally i never turn off my computer), in the morning, my computer is shut off and i have to turn it on again constantly to get it working.
So i'm writing this to see if it is a faulty hard drive problem because i don't want to buy a new hard drive and find out that my problem isn't the hard drive.
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  1. Sounds like a dying hard drive... *Silence.................................... D''=*...

    Anyways, ASAP do this... Grab an external hard drive, whatever hard drive you've got and back up your computer before its too late. Do what you do get your PC up and running, after that just back it up using the default Windows backup or some program your familiar with, then make sure everything is all set to go, and then reformat your hard drive. Try to see if your hard drive works just fine and use it for a while, meaning like 4 to 6 weeks, then if its fine just load everything back up.. If it dies out well get a newer, better hard drive. You'd already have your HDD backed up so. Take a shot at it!

    I just had a bad HDD problem too at home. The HDD i think slowly died out and then gave up one day. I was going to buy a new laptop but given that my mom, dad, and brother use it for like facebook and simple stuff we just got a new hard drive and our laptop is back up and running. That don't affect me much though ^^ I have my own desktop.
  2. ah i guess i didn't mention when i installed windows 7 from vista, it was reformatted but still kept shutting down at the same point but w/e all the same, i dont have anything to back up and so i guess ill just have to buy a new harddrive since the one i got is starting to die.
    Thx hyrule571
  3. Sure, no problem.

    Make sure your getting a good one, and remember to get the right connector type(IDE, or SATA!)
  4. 5-6 years also puts you in the years of the bad capacitors issue. You should inspect the capacitors on your motherboard. You can find pictures of bad ones on google,, or on thebottom right of theres also a 'How to Identify" link in the left frame of the site. If you have bad caps then you can have them replaced, fairly cheap if you can solder yourself, or just get another motherboard.
  5. so i bought a new hard drive but it wasnt the problem, so i inspected the capacitors on my motherboard, and Most of them were fine, none of them had any leaks but as i was feeling the top of each capacitor, i found around 7 were pretty bulged, at the top. So would that be why my computer is shutting down during windows load?

    and how much would it cost to replace ~7 capacitors and how?

    Edit: Also i recently cleaned my heatsink's dust, and there was lots of it, not that heat had anything to do with my computer shutting down during the load but im adding the fact that now my computer wont ever even make it to the desktop no matter how many times i turn on my computer.
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