Q8200 for streaming games?

I've been trying to livestream myself playing League of Legends, I'm trying to figure out the problem with my fps. When I livestream, the livestream itself looks pretty good, but in game I get 15-25 FPS. The program i'm using to stream is Xsplit, though ive tried others and they didnt work too well either, unless my settings are just off. I heard graphics don't matter too much for live stream? So I'm thinking its my processor?

My specs:
Intel core 2 quad Q8200 @2.33 Ghz
9600 GSO 512 mb to 1gb
6GB of RAM

My speedtest.net results:
download speed: 21.06 mbps
upload speed: 8.08 mbps

Thanks to those who help
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  1. Decent speedtest results. Monitor your cpu usage while just gaming. Xsplit had some issue back when I tried it out for fun and I abandoned it.
  2. It seems to be 10-20% on CPU Usage when i ctrl+alt+delete
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