Can I upgrade this computer easily?

Hey, I'm inheriting an old custom computer which uses a water-cooling system and looks generally complex. So far, I know that it's parts are:

Mobo: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core 2600 MHz cache 1024k x2
GPU: GeForce 7800 GTX
Memory: 4GB DDR-900

Yeah, fairly out-of-date. I want to replace it with:


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black AM3 3.4Ghz
GPU: GeForce GTX 570

Any tips for how the hell to do this? I don't know how to upload pics, so I will if someone tells me how. Thanks!
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  1. You may best best just building something new since the water cooling may not fit new sockets and presumably the PSU wouldn't be powerful enough for a 570. A few other things, you don't want triple channel RAM with the AM3 socket. They are for the 1366 socket. Lastly, that motherboard has pretty bad reviews by the looks of it.

    Basically i would recommend just letting us know your budget and we can suggest a new build for you.
  2. You sure I can't upgrade it? Because at this point I'll have four computers, and I really like the other one. My budget is only $600 or so, and I know that doesn't get me much.

    I could always remove the water cooling system and install a fan. The PSU is 550w. This was a smokin' computer when it was first made.

    DDR3 RAM doesn't work well with an AM3 socket? I thought AM3 was just for processors.
  3. DDR3 RAM is fine i'm just saying you don't need triple channel, AM3 is dual channel DDR3.

    What would you even be keeping from this pc anyway? I would always recommend a new PSU for a new build, youre planning on buying a new mobo, RAM, CPU and GPU, the water cooling probably won't fit. Usually it's good to buy a new case too since it will just make the build more satisfying to look down and see something shiny and new. So basically youre just keeping the DVD drive and the hard drive?
  4. I have fond memories of this computer, so I don't want to get rid of it (which is why I would rather upgrade even if it's more trouble). And the case is beautiful, there's no way I would replace that.

    I don't think I'll need a new PSU. The current one is in very good condition.

    I just want to replace the RAM, CPU, GPU, and mobo. And the water-cooling doesn't matter at all, I would get rid of it if I had to. Would it be tough to do so? What do I need to know to make sure that everything will fit correctly? (dimensions, etc?)

    Are there any services that do this sort of thing, or any sites that can help? This computer, if it runs well and can be upgraded, would mean a lot to me. Thanks.
  5. Ok, as much as i would strongly recommend a new PSU i can suggest an upgrade for you. I would get 4GB of RAM, an i5-2500k and a x8/x8 SLI motherboard such as the Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3. For the graphics i would recommend a GTX 560Ti. With this build (assuming it fits your case) you will have better processing power and still be able to max games and it should be a lot cheaper to upgrade.
  6. I'm mainly looking to run BF3 on this computer, would your build be able to handle that on higher settings? I assume it will be similar to BC2 (DICE says so), but a bit higher specs.

    Also, will I be able to upgrade it easily, as this is my first time working with this sort of thing. As of now I've only done research. :)
  7. And GTX 560 is still fine? Don't need the 570, really?
  8. Sorry, it won't let me edit.

    I assume I would find-out what fits in the case by measuring the dimensions of it in certain places, no?
  9. Try to find out the model of the case. To be honest though, if it's a mid tower i would be very surprised if it didn't fit 2 560's and an ATX motherboard. The build i suggested though, i would be very surprised if you couldnt max out BF3 on it and it is very good for upgrading.

    - To upgrade RAM you just buy another 4GB of the same stuff
    - To upgrade CPU you just buy a cooler and overclock it EDIT: Just to add, the i5-2500k is awesome for overclocking.
    - To upgrade graphics you can add another GTX 560Ti and won't need to buy a more powerful PSU assuming you get a good quality 650-750W unit.
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