Gtx 570 power edition/Oc artifacts

Hi there I'll get straight to the point:
I just found out that my new system (built 2 weeks ago) has some issues:

When I play crysis warhead on enthusiast with 16x aa on 1920x1080 (haven't tested anything else)
I get artifacts on a single kind of tree:

As you can see: There are white dots all over the first tree and when I move around it appears like there's some kid from a kindergarten drawings in my game... :pfff:
I've only seen this artifacts (or any artifacts at all) on this specific kind of tree.
Anyone here that knows what is is/what I can do to fix it?

System specs:
cpu: i7 2600k
gpu: gtx 570 power edition/oc
motherboard: Asus p8p67 evo
ssd: vertex 3 max iops
screen: samsung xl2370
Power supply: hx850w

I don't that my cpu cooler/hdd/fans/case are relevant but if you want to know just ask :sol:
Ps: I'm sure that it's not overheating since I have 6 case fans in this cosmos s:
4 that push 36,97 cfm and 2 that push 50 cfm.

If you need more information just say so.
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