New to W8 and my new asus laptop need some direcions

i first would like to know how to I find out what asus laptop I have so this forum can better help me before I can ask more questions. as well as finding out any other general questions bout whats running on this asus laptop.
questions I have...... (i will come up with more as I use this laptop)

1. how can I take a screen shot? 2. how do I make it able to see all the tabs at the top of IE such as 'files' 'view' 'history' 'bookmarks' how to add bookmarks etc.
3. in general to help me learn how to use the laptop as well as the apps that are on this laptop. 4. how to find out if this lapto has Bluetooth. 5. how to install a homemade video of my wedding which is on cd (when it plays on the other computer it plays the a song) I'd like to know how to make all of it install etc. 6. how to make it read my sd card? 7. I want to know how to access my webcam and provide shortcuts to my desktop which is the easiest way for me to access things.... it say i have a touchpad, i don't even know what that is to add stuff to the start screen... how to add add apps from apps menu to my desktop. 9. i'd like to know how to delete apps out of the app screen that i don't need and are just taking up space on my harddrive. i don't know how i came across it earlier but it says 35 GB are being used and i haven't added anything to this laptop so i'm curious if i can delete things from apps menu etc that i don't need. as i think of other things i'll try to edit this post if i cant edit this post i'll just reply to it...thanks everyone for reading this and
thanks for any help :) :cry:
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  1. i believe most community colleges hold basic classes on how to use a computer. you might wana start there.
  2. whoah....far too many questions at once

    surprised you could find and register for this forum without help

    heres the answer to number 1

    press the prt scrn key

    then open paint and paste the screen capture in

    then edit it to suit
  3. Sorry resa83 but this forum ain't a training class we can't teach you how to do everything. As suggested by ittimjones it would be best if you registered to a computer class to learn more. You could also buy a Windows 8 beginner book to learn more about your new OS.
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