Bent motherboard socket pins

I am thinking about buying a used motherboard because its an amazing deal, but the socket pins are bent on the motherboard. Is it fixable, and how hard would it be to fix?

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  1. i dont think its easy to fixbecause some pins might get broken and nothing u can do for the motherboard i recommend to buy a new one better than dealingwith such hard problems and you might face problems since its a used mobo
  2. I think it's just 1 pin, and I think it's not actually used but I'm not sure
  3. if the pin is not squeesed to the near pins u can deal with like using a knife or such things to make it almost in its correct place if its 1 pin and brand new go for it if the price is low but if the price is a little low go for a new 1
  4. Alright thanks for the help Ahmad :)
  5. I've had a single pin bent, they are tiny. The MB was unable to access a particular RAM slot because of it and I couldn't figure out why.

    When I discovered it, I bent it back into shape but it was pretty tricky, the pins are really delicate and its a bit tough to know if its in the right spot. Can load it full of RAM now.

    It depends on how many are bent. If its just a few and they are separated, it *might* be possible to restore it by aligning the bent pins with adjacent unbent ones. You can use a fine stainless steel plaster cutter but be delicate with it.
  6. If you can return it with no problem then get it, but if you can't then don't risk it.
  7. Mechanical pencils are normally good for fixing bent pens.

    However if it was that easy I think the seller would have already done that by now.

    To me this seems like a high risk investment.
  8. I even fixed a broken pin using another broken pin from and old and dead MOBO and cutting it to half and sliding it below the broken pin, when the processor presses against it, it made contact ^^ I felt freaking pro when that actually worked xD
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