Dell studio 540's slim profile graphic cards

my AMD 3450 keeps freezing every 10 minutes or so just viwing videos or browsing th eweb, no gaming here.
What is the best slim card ie PCI exporess X 16 no larger than 7" X3" can I get?
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  1. I picked the MSI low profile HD 5670 myself for my slim Desktop Dell Optiplex 745
    one issue I had though was the height and length of card were okay
    but the width (side to side) was too wide to clear my CPU heatsink and fan

    you will need the PCI-E x 16 socket to be about three inches or more away from the PCI-E

    I managed to cut the dual fan assembly in half with a pair of cutters
    and make it into a single fan so it would fit
    There goes my warranty LOL

    So as long as you have the clearance around the sides of the PCIE slot
    you should be fine

    they should have the dimensions of card on Newegg or AMD site

    I like the Hd 5670

    it can play BioShock2 at highest settings at 1920x1080
    it can play Crysis warhead at 1920x1080 at gamer settings

    it doesn need an external powerconnector

    it was picked by Toms as best $75 card for May

    if you can find a HD 6670 low profile that is a little better for about $100

    also a Gt 240 is decent though the HD 5670 outperforms it
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