Bios no longer detects my sata hdd or dvd drive

I returned from vacation and my desktop pc had blue screened. When i power cycled the pc it no longer recognizes any of my sata drives (HDD or dvd drive). I tried the hdd in another PC and it recognized the drive without a problem. I then took the PSU from the other PC and installed it in the one I was having issues with, this did not solve my problem. I am leaning towards this being a problem w/ the sata ports on my motherboard, (Biostar GF8200 m2+). The settings in the bios looked correct but I was hoping to get a few thoughts and ideas before I break down and replace my old motherboard. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. If the SATA controller is enabled in BIOS then you are right your ports stopped working.
  2. Sadly thats what I am afraid of. I was just wanting to see if I was missing anything. It is an older board though so I'm not that suprised.
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