Biostar a880g+ Not booting anymore

Brother's PC has a Biostar a880g+ MB. Recently, he tried to enable the front panel Audio ports. After he did that, the MB Will not boot OR recognize the SATA HDD's or the DVD Drives under boot priority.

Tried Resetting the CMOS, Manual format of the drives, and attempted a clean install of Win7, but the MB wont do any of that.

If we boot the DVD Drive first, we get a "Code-5 error"
If we boot the SATA HDD's first, we get "0xc00000e9 error"
The MB has 4 SATA ports/connection and We tried each one of them with the same luck =\

Biostar a880g+ MB
Nvidia GT430 1Gb ram
4Gb GSkill DDR3
500w Diablotek psu
win7 Ulitmate
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  1. jay_nar2012 said:

    Start up dosent get that far. It gets the "press del to enter BIOS Setup" screen, then displays either one of those errors (depending on which boot is first). There Is no option in the Bios itself to start in safemode. Pressing F8 does nothing.

    jay_nar2012 said:

    Already tried that. Made a Bootable USB (as I dont have any floppy disks). There is no option to Boot from USB under Boot priority.
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