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Hi how's it going. I was playing a game tonight and all of the sudden I heard a huge pop noise and the pc shut off promptly. I didn't smell anything that would make me think there was anything burning. When I try to turn it back on I get nothing. No fans no post no beeps. Any ideas? Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Sounds like an electric spark. probably your PSU is gone. Maybe your motherboard. It may affect any of the components. You should check all your components one by one. Or maybe better go to a repair shop if don't know how to do this.
  2. Open it up, take a good look and a good wiff, you should be able to track down the source of the noise visually, or if you let the magic smoke out of it your nose will know where it came from.

    Regardless, dont try to boot up until you know what blew, im betting on a cap.
  3. If it was an electric spark /happened once/ you may check for visual traces left by it.
  4. I'm going all in on a capacitor as well, hunter ;)

    EDIT: Look for something like these, but possibly a little more black and exploded-looking -
  5. Ok so I tore it down earlier and I couldn't find any blown/warped/discolored caps on the mobo. When it made the pop noise I'm pretty sure it came from down towards the bottom near the PSU so I'm thinking that's what it might've been? Any other thoughts?

    Edit: My PSU I was using is a Corsair TX950. I've had it for about a year and I've had two of them. The first one died on my after only a month. The Mobo is a gigabyte but I can't remember what one exactly off the top of my head. Not sure if any of that info helps you guys feel kind've confident on what it might ultimately be but thanks.
  6. Does the PSU or anything smell burned? Usually capacitors smell a bit funny after they've popped.

    I hope it's not a recurring issue with TX950s; I hope mine is ok :/
  7. That's what's stumping me is the lack of a smell that isn't a normal smell. I pulled the case open when it happened and there wasn't any unusual smell coming from it. I'm thinking of ordering another PSU and seeing if that was it. Sadly I don't have a second comp anymore to test it before I order one :/
  8. In a decent repair shop they will just do what you probably can't do at home - will test your components one by one by putting them in a working system or will replace some in yours - what's better. In return you'll need to buy from them the parts what are gone or maybe to pay some small additional tax.
  9. Okay turns out it was my PSU. Managed to find one laying around my house to test it. Now the question is what PSU should I buy... Since this is now two Corsairs that I've managed to blow in a years time... Any suggestions?
  10. What do you have in your system (need to get a general idea of power requirements)?

    The Corsair TX950 is OEMed by Channel Well, not Seasonic like almost all of the HX series PSUs, so maybe that's why the TX950 had some issues. Though, I thought Channel Well makes good PSUs.,2913-5.html

    My TX950 has some annoying coil whine, but I've wondered from the get-go if it was something faulty.
  11. CPU - Core i7 920 (I believe it's 130w)
    Vid Card - EVGA 470GTX+ Superclocked
    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
    Running 6 (3x2) gigs of G-Skill RAM, I think it's 1333MHz
    And I also have a fairly large CPU Heatsink. I believe that's the one I have.

    And regarding the PSU the first one I was given wouldn't boot up right away. It would basically slow-mo process start everything 1 by 1 so I knew right away it was faulty. As for this current one I blew I did notice it making that noise as well but it booted up everything fine without any hic-ups so I never thought anything of it. It's weird though because the PSU I had laying around the house is an old crappy rosewill and it's like 6 years old and have never had any problem with it. But I can't use it because the cables are far too short, barely long enough for a mid tower case. Had to prop it up to test it in my antec 1200.
  12. I feel like a good 750W would work, maybe even 850W since you get some good options in that range and would get better efficiencies too.

    The Corsair HX750/850 shouldn't fail you, since they're made by Seasonic, and the XFX 850W Black Edition (if you can find one) is a good PSU made by Seasonic as well.

    I wonder if you could RMA the TX950 and complain enough to get Corsair to give you an HX series PSU (it's about the same price).
  13. Yeah I was thinking the same thing but I'd rather just grab a replacement and have it here in a few days than wait lol. I was also thinking about downgrading the Wattage as well. I only had the 950 because when I first built the comp I was running two vid cards then went to one. What's your opinion on the gaming series PSU's from Corsair? I was looking at the HX850 till I ran into
  14. I've never seen the Corsair Gamer Series PSUs before. I've always wanted the AX series, but could never afford it :(

    Personally, I'd go with the 850HX. It was possibly the best performing Corsair PSU out of their lineup pre-AX series. It's capable of delivering more than 850W within safe ranges, because it had been used by many for i7-900s + 3x470s with great success.
  15. Alright I just ordered the HX850. Lets hope all goes well, haha. Thanks a lot for the help guys really appreciate it. And I hope you have better luck with that 950 than I did, Boiler.
  16. If you have so often problems with not bad PSUs maybe you have some problem with the electrical power grid. Ever thought about buying an UPS?
    Active PSUs have their power regulators, but these of the UPSes should be more robust
    /the UPS however don't make the quality of the PSU irrelevant/.
  17. I've only had problems with the tx950. Never with any other PSU's and I'd say that's probably 7+ of them of all different brands. If something happens again with the hx then I'll def look into it much further than I have. Thanks for the suggestion though. I didn't really even think of buying/looking at UPS's.
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