Radeon 6770 vs. 6850 for new pc build - for fsx ONLY

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum as of today, so go easy on me...

I'm about to order my components for a new (very tight budget) pc build. This computer will be used as a flight sim computer ONLY. Nothing else. This is what I've decided on so far:

AMD Phenom II X4 965
G Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1066 - 8gb
Diablotek 600w power supply
WD Velociraptor 150gb hd

I've narrowed my graphics card search down to two models: the AMD Radeon HD 6770 or the 6850. (the 6790 draws too much power so I ruled that one out.)

So my question is simple:

I know that FSX relies more heavily on the CPU than the GPU, so is the 6770 enough graphics card to handle FSX with max settings, or do I need to spring for the 6850? Please no comments about nvidia or i7's -- i know they kick butt, I just chose the AMD route and I'm sticking to it. Thanks!
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  1. Well i would look at the full range of cards around the ball park performance wise then try and narrow it down on a bang for buck basis.
    the 5XXX series cards are very cheap now and the 5850 is actually faster than the 6850 and would be where i would look personally.
    Where in the world are you and do you have a favorite or preferred vendor ?

    Mactronix :)
  2. As Mac mentioned the 5850 is a bit stronger card and the prices on them have come down lately making them an attractive bargain -- but between the 2 you mention the 6850 is much better -- the 6770 is just a rerelease of the 5770 that was originally released just for OEM makers to be able to advertise a 6x gen card in their builds but does not offer anything over the 5770 which is cheaper.
  3. I just bought a 6850 to replace a GT430 and its a great video card also great for encoding but running a AMD Phenom II X6 1075t
  4. Thanks guys, I'm thinkin for an extra $38 the 6850 is the way to go. Nothing worse than having a few extra bucks hold you back. BTW I did consider all of the 5000 series cards, but I think I'll stick with the 6000 series in case I decide to go hd3d down the road.

    Also, anyone know of a thread thats current (created in 2011) that shows a group of modern graphics cards being benchmarked with FSX?

    Thanks again for the feedback!
  5. I'd change the PSU if I were you. Diablotek makes junk, plan and simple. I would NEVER use one of their PSUs.

    I haven't seen many benchies of FSX. Just wanted to point out the PSU issue.
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