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Pc system for bf3?????
hi im building a gaming rig for bf3 and other games. i had a x6 system about a year ago that i playd bfbc2 on, but sadly i hat to sell it. and i want to build another one on a budget.
here is what i have:
4gb gskill ram 1333
500w rosewill stallion
biostar a770 e3
cooler master hyper 212
i just need a gpu and cpu. i want to stay around 200$ for these 2
so here is what im thinking

phenom ii x4 955 (100$) + 6770(100$)
athlon ii x3 (60$)+ 6850(139$newegg)
phenom ii x6 1035t(130$newegg)+ 5770(79$ ebay)
phenom ii x4 955 + 5830(99$ebay)

also is a phenom ii x2 better than a athlon ii x3, they are abouth the same price

have any suggestions for me???
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  1. PhenomII x4 955+5830.Its the most powerful among the all four for gaming.

    EDIT:Athlon ii x3 445 is a great overclocker.You can overclock it all the way upto 3.9 GHz on an entry level motherboard which is pretty impressive.So my vote goes to athlon ii x3 +6850.Gives you the best bang for buck.:)
  2. AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE is my recommended choice...
  3. pii x2 is not really better than athlon ii x3.Depends on what games do you play.
  4. It's been said that the cpu does not factor into the performance of BF3 , the single most inportant component is the video card. You can run the game with a dual core cpu , but the video cards are taking a hit big time in this game. This review was just posted today in TomsHardware;,3063.html.
  5. Unless you are going to upgrade the GPU in the next year the Athlon x 3 and the 6850 will perform the best. That power supply looks like junk.
  6. Your PSU is horrible, when you're buying PSU, you're buying the brand. That brand is horrible, buy coolermaster/antec etc.
  7. Make sure to update your ram to new X series.
  8. thnx for all the info guys , i think im going with the x3 and 6850. The psu is actually quite good. It powered my x6 system when i had it.
  9. According to Rosewill tat PSU has 2 12V rails 1 at 15A and 1 at 16A which even if it can supply that to both at once is maybe nearly enough, I recommend you don't chance it and get a decent brand.
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