Computer not booting (split-second flash of power)

I was playing a game on my computer when suddenly it turned off with no warning. When I tried to power it back on, the fan lights blinked for a split-second and barely moved before there was no response again. Pressing the power button after that yielded no response. If i reset the power cable and powered off/on the PSU, it did the same split-second power up before no response again.

I figured it might be my PSU. I did the paper clip trick with just a fan attached and the PSU came on fine and the fan was lit up and running. I then tried just plugging in my motherboard, and no response(the fan on the PSU barely moved). I tried to reset the CMOS and still the same issue.

I think it might be my motherboard...but is there any way to be sure? Or could anything else be the cause?

My specs:
i5 2500K@4.4k
ASRock Extreme 4 P67
2x4GB Ripjaw X DDR3 1600
Corsair HX620W PSU
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  1. I got a new PSU (Corsair GS700) and the computer now turns on...however it does not post. My motherboard shows a code of 00...which the manual says is not used. Not sure where to go from here.
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