Edimax BR-6574n as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge?

Hi there, I've just bought an edimax br6574n which i"ve been told can be configured so I can use it to connect my TV and printer (which are downstairs) to my wireless network which is based upstairs (Virgin Media Hub VMDG280). can anyone point me in the right direction for configuration info, so far haven't had any luck. It has many modes and I'm not sure which one is right for what I want to do, there's:

a. AP: Standard wireless AP (access point).
b. Station-Infrastructure: This broadband router acts as both wireless communication client and server - connects to another wireless access point as client, and serves other wireless clients as server.
c. AP Bridge-Point to Point: Connect this router with another broadband router, to expand the scope of network.
d. AP Bridge-Point to Multi-Point: Connect this router with up to four other broadband routers, to expand the scope of network.
e. AP Bridge-WDS: Connect this router with up to four WDS-capable broadband routers, to expand the scope of network.
f. Universal Repeater: This broadband router will repeat other wireless access point’s signal to extend its wireless signal coverage, and also acts as a wireless access point to serve other wireless clients.

if someone could let me know which direction to go in I might be able to figure it out but at the moment I'm just guessing.

hope you can help

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  1. f. sound about right
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