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Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post/question.

I just purchased and installed a new Crucial SSD M4 drive (CT128M4SSD2). I plugged the cable into the SATA6 1 port (brown) and my old WD hard drive into the SATA6 2 port (brown). Made sure they were both enabled in the bios and set the proper boot priority. I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit as well. Everything went fine, booted up to the login screen. But I did notice while booting up, the bios flash stated that there were no hard drives detected. When I just had the WD HD installed, it would show that during boot up. In addition, when I have windows up, it gives me the option to eject both drives (as ATA) under the "Safely remove hardware and eject media" tool bar at the bottom right.

I was wondering if both of the occurences listed below is normal operation? Or is it something I should be worried about?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention the type of MB

    Asus Sabertooth P67 rev 3
  2. Crucial SSD M4 drive (CT128M4SSD2) reinstall with just the SSD connected.
  3. Thanks for the fast response.

    Sort of confused when you say reinstall. With the box powered down, disconnect both drives and reconnect the SSD only and reboot or reinstall Windows with only the SSD installed?
  4. Reinstall Windows with only the SSD installed < YES
  5. Thanks. I will give it a shot and report back.
  6. ahci < must be enabled in the bios.
  7. I would try one more thing.

    Reset the CMOS memory the right way as is described in the motherboard manual using the clear CMOS link with the power cord unplugged.
    And when the battery is out, press the power button to discharge all the electricity from the system.
    How To Clear CMOS @
  8. I did check and ahci is set.
  9. I reinstalled Windows 7 fresh with the old drive not connected. No help. Boots up fine just not recognized in the bios splash screen. I have not yet tried the CMOS reset.
  10. Whats your BIOS version?
  11. Bios info is as follows:

    Bios Info: 1606 X64
    Ver: 05/02/2011
    Date: MBECE-0018
    EC Ver:
    ME Ver: B3 Stepping
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