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Well, I'm running a setup with 4 RAM sticks in it, 2 sets of 8Gb dual channel kits.

Recently, I found that one of the RAM sticks has chipped, and I would like to replace it. I've read up on the issue, and the only difference between a dual channel kit and a single RAM stick is that the dual channel kits are pretty much one after another off the assembly line, and have been built to be identical twins of sorts, to maximise efficiency or whatnot.

My question is, now that one stick broke, would a pretty much identical stick that isn't built for dual channel purposes be a suitable replacement?

What I have now:

What I hope to replace it with:

If I cannot replace it with one stick, could I get a cheaper pair that has the same timing, capacity, frequency, and voltage to replace the chipped stick and it's pair?
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  1. you are right.

    The Kits only imply that the ram was tested together in a testing machine at a factory. If you do the math, there is usually at most a 1 or 2 dollar difference in price in the kits versus buying separate.

    But as you see, no testing is perfect. People get bad sticks once in awhile no matter how much they tested.

    So yea, the link you have looks good buying the equivilant model of the single stick.

    If you want to try saving money though, you may want to at least try to contact corsair to get a "free" replacement under warranty/customer service. But i am not sure of your specific warranty.
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