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Newegg Open box ok?


I was planning to go for a gpu upgrade and because the open box cards were so cheap i was wondering if they were good to go for. All i need is the card.

Here's the four I was looking at.

Msi Twin Frozer II 6950 2gb - $217

Msi Twin Frozer III 6950 2gb - $225

Msi Twin Frozer II 560 ti oc - $184

Msi Twin Frozer II 570 - $262

For some reason, they're all by Msi. The rest of the open boxes I didn't like as much. Unfortunately not of these are in stock yet... will buy as soon as they're back on stock.
I has around $270 to spend and price-wise I was thinking of going for the 560 ti oc and save $80. But I might also go to my max budget and get the nice 570 deal.

Is openbox ok? and which card would you recommend?
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  1. OMG! All but the 560 ti was deactivated O.o!
    Hopefully its not permanent and will be back in stock :/
    Wait... lol. The 560 ti is in stock now. I might just go for that.
    Do you guys think that it will be a good purchase? Could there be any problems with open box?
  2. WAIT!! Another one appeared!
    Msi twin frozer II golden edition - $205

    Will spending an additional $21 for this card worth it?
  3. I think they are all gone, but open box items are good. They still have factory warranty, and most have the 30-day from newegg.
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    Here is a rather large thread of collected experiences of Open Box items.

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  6. Are You getting an open box gpu? What did you decide?
  7. Great deal. the MSI 570 was back on for like a moment and I took advantage and got a 570 card for $260!
  8. Great deal indeed! $260, That card will last you a long time, it has incredible performance. Warranty included?
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