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So my 1 year old gaming computer built by ibuypower has been plagued with only one problem for as long as i've had it, and that would be the random crashes. There are 2 or 3 types of crashes, and as far as im concerned they are all caused by the same problem, even though I have no idea what that problem may be. I'll describe the crashes, and the results.

Crash #1 : My computer begins to become very choppy at points, and these intervals of smoothness become less and less until it completely freezes, and inevitably crashes.

Crash #2 : One program will stop responding randomly, itll give me an option to end process, but afterwards it seems windows also freezes and I have no choice but to manually restart.

Crash #3 : My computer makes sounds like a dieing whale and with a combination of both crash #1 and #2, crashes to a blue screen with lots of typing on it describing memory dumpage etc, ill have to pay better attention to what it says next time it happens.

Now what happens after either of the three crash is the wierdest thing... Ill restart my pc, and no matter what type of crash it always brings me to a red screen, with ASUS at the top and something like a FIOS menu or something. It seems to be some type of hardware settings menu and i have no idea how to read it. I see things about overclocking, etc, i usually press reset to default or something but i am really lost with that menu. Anyways I cant figure out how to exit the menu and continue with the startup process so i just restart again and the menu doesnt appear. (Btw, that first red screen i was talking about always appears during startup but only for a few seconds, it never stops there for more than that on a clean startup).

I have my suspicions about overheating, but honestly ive gone away for 2 hours and come back and my PC has crashed while it was running idle. The crashes come and go randomly, sometimes twice a day, somethings twice a month.

I know its a lot of typing and I obviously lack knowledge concerning the topic, but ill take pictures of the blue and red screens i described and post them if anybody is willing to help me or knows the answer. Thank you for your time!
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  1. Sorry, this is just to add the specs of my PC :
    Case:NZXT Phantom
    MOBO: ASUS Crosshair V Formula
    Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 DDR3
    Fan: Asetek 550LC liquid cooling 120mm
    Ram:Corsair 8 gig (4x2)
    Video:Radeon 6970 ICEQ Turbo
    SSD: 120GB Corsair F Series SATA3
    Hard Drive: 1TB Sata-3 64mb
    PS:1000WATT Gaming Series
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