Ga-z68ma-d2h-b3 bios update?

I keep reading things where people say that got some more performance out of a bios update, and some say not to mess with it if your system is running fine. I'm currently on bios version F8, and there have been 3 updates since. Yeah, my system is running well. But with a new ssd, everyone would want to throw every idea they can think of to see how much better a system can run. Here's what I'm running....

i5-2500k (stock clock)
8gb 1600mhz ram
Win7 Ultimate
Samsung 830 256gb ssd
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  1. Well, count me as one of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" crowd.

    I get the idea of possibly better performance from your SSD, but if it's performing well now, unless there was an update that specifically mentioned a HUGE increase in SSD performance, I wouldn't touch a thing.
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