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Motherboard Installation

Hello :)

I am installing my new Gigabyte motherboard onto an old Frontech Appy cabinet. An intel DG41RQ was installed previously on this cabinet.
My problem is that, i do not have any standoffs to set between the motherboard and the cabby plate. All i have are two plastic standoffs
both are of a little bit different heights. These were placed between the Intel board and the cabby plate previously.

this is the image of the cabinet plate. It is not removable.
some screw holes in the cabinet are at a higher level than other holes.

So, my question is, do I need motherboard standoffs?

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G41MT S2
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  1. Connected without any standoffs..
    it's running fine. will test run it after a couple of hours and update
  2. Well, u know its not recommended stand-off free set up as it may

    even kill the mobo and other parts.

    Even if it is working now.

    It will start shorting the mobo at some point.

    Get some and install them for your peace of mind : )
  3. Looking at that case, putting standoffs won't work where it's raised. That might offset the rear panel and expansion slots.

    Maybe put electrical tape on the raised points (make a hole for mobo screw) and put standoffs between the raised points where needed.
  4. thanks for the replies :)

    installind, from what i observed while installing the motherboard, none of the screw points are non-metalized. and i got only 4 mounting points(elevated) that matched with the board. If i set some standoffs there will be a problem with tho I/O panel when installing.

    taking obsolete99's idea, if i put electrical tape, even then it is not rendered safe. as after making holes in the electrical tape i have to insert a screw that screws in with the metalized cabinet plate, thus grounding it.

    There is no place to insert a standoff as far as i could see.
  5. Old mobo is Micro ATX.

    New is Micro ATX Form Factor. It should lined up.
  6. they are lining up. no problems. but previous board also lined up with 4 mounts.
    lining up is no problem. the only problem is placing the standoffs.. if i place stand off i cannot line up the IO panel. if i don't, well till now less peace of mind :P
  7. @ Nikorr, check out the picture of the cabinet plate..
    all points that match are elevated. no place to put a standoff.
  8. am waiting for tecmo34 to reply..

    i installed all my previous motherboards using his guide :P
  9. Can u look at the old mobo and check the holes by overlaying the mobo

    over the new one, to see if the holes are in the same spot?
  10. busymaverick said:
    am waiting for tecmo34 to reply..

    i installed all my previous motherboards using his guide :P

    I like his guides too.
  11. holes are in the same spot as the previous motherboard
  12. So, how come it won't go in?

    It must be the position of the mobo that's not correct than.
  13. There was no problem with the old mobo, was there?
  14. no. the old mobo worked for more than 2 yrs. then i had taken it for cleaning.. too much dust in the house.
    and err. i forgot to cover the CPU socket.. so u know what happened next :P
  15. I see : )

    That will do it.
  16. umm sorry.. what will do it?
  17. That -> .. i forgot to cover the CPU socket....
  18. LOL :D
  19. What about compressed air spray? No-go?
  20. not easy to get hands on. and too costly when i get them :p

  21. bad sensors of the motherboard?
  22. while installing MS Word.

  23. not much of a difference.

    should i run the Mobo taking it outside the cabby?

  24. started copying files.. to a USB thumb drive.

    check the temperatures.

    I can rule out the ventilation as a problem.

    ran the computer with case open and 2 fans blowing air. 1 fan blowing in other out.
  25. In my review of what you've posted, you are fine without standoff's, as the case has them "Pre-built" into them. I've seen this in an Antec 300 case for example where a few were built into the case than you added extra as needed. You would more than likely not be able to boot if it wasn't installed correctly.

    As for your temps... what are your ambient temps? If your room is sitting in the 80's than your fine... room temp might have a concern. Second... Is this with a stock or aftermarket cooler? Thirdly, your thermal compound application might not be great, which is leading to higher temps...
  26. @ tecmo34 my room temperature stays around 35deg max. ventilation is not an issue.
    am using a stock cooler. with the thermal paste was the one that came with the CPU 2-3 yrs back.

    @Nikorr coretemp, realtemp all give similar results. just a degree of difference.
  27. @tecmo34 the CPU temperature may get high cause of thermal compound. but what about the motherboard temperature?
  28. umm.. my motherboard is running at 101 degrees.. rite nw.
  29. Download a program called HW Monitor and post its screen shot...

    Older image of HW Montior, along with RealTemp and SpeedFan

    Your motherboard temps are so close to your core temps, I'm thinking they are one in the same...

  30. @ 100% Usage using Prime95

    @ 52% Usage using Prime95
  31. sorry.. my bad.. HW monitor not showing all information.

    52% usage.

    100% usage
  32. I have contacted my retailer. an online website. they are shipping a replacement. Will receive tomorrow i think.
  33. Best answer
    Best of luck... When you replace check your heat sink install (correct thermal compound application & full seated). All your numbers seem to point back to CPU temps / heat sink application.
  34. Thanks all for the help :)
    got the new motherboard.
    applied thermal compound to the HS. Getting temps around 72 under full load.

    I have one more question for which i will be posting in another thread :)

    Thanks again.
  35. Best answer selected by busymaverick.
  36. The best answer is selected is the one that identified the problem. Improper heat sink and thermal compound application.

    Thanks tecmo
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