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Hello fellow computer users. I run windows XP and I believe it is SP2. A few days ago, I made the horrible mistake of not turning off my computer properly (I held the button until it went off) and now it does the boot up but once it gets the the XP loading screen, it will restart and I have to go to square one. Pressing the F Combination keys has gotten me nowhere. Can any help?
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  1. ok put the recovery disks in the cd drive and find a option that says "Startup Repair"
    im sure you will find it otherwise maby this would work? ok when you boot up click f8 a few times as i dont know when you need to click it then click "run startup Repair"
    Hope this helps you.
  2. who made your computer? Asus,Packard Bell.....?
  3. any luck?
  4. Well the thing is is that I don't have a recovery disk. How would I go about getting one?
  5. im really sorry but you cant download it on the internet from what i can see but you can click f8 while boot and try and find a option called "run startup reapair" Lets just hope that works otherwise you can buy a recovery disc on ebay or some online shop. but try the f8 while boot before you go and buy a recovery disc. also what version do you have? Professional or Home and student. you can check by going to My computer and looking for properties on the left i think. I hope you can get it to work.
  6. I hope this works Good luck. Tell us if you fix the problem.
  7. oh sorry didnt read your post properley about the f combination keys sorry. THIS WILL BE A BIG HELP. Just found some download links!!!
  8. So I should just download that to a CD and then run it on the computer that doesn't work and it should start up?
  9. yes download it then burn it with power iso if you have it or some iso burning software dont just copy it and paste it on a cd. search on google forpower iso then click "burd iso" then wait until its complete. ok then you will have to take the disc out then switch your computer off then on again and while its posting insert the disc and click any key to run windows setup.
  10. plz tell me if you get it to work.
  11. Would buying a recovery disk off of ebay or amazon work as well?
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