Looking to upgrade From an ATI Radeon HD4350

Currently i Have an Hpe-112y.

Mobo: H-RS880-uATX Aloe
Chipset: AMD 785G
Memory=8gb DDR3
1 PCIx16 slot for graphics

Processor=AMD Phenom II X4 925
Graphics=ATI Radeon HD4350
Power Supply= 300W

Monitor 1=1366x768 flat panel hp screen
Monitor 2=1080p TV

I would like to upgrade the video card, inevitably upgrading the Power Supply because at the current setup i don't get a very good secondary image (quality of picture on monitor 2). I bought a graphics card that did little to nothing to improve the quality so this time i want to not waste my money.

I play Call of Duty, Crysis, Need for Speed and so on...... I also use my computer as a blu-ray player (as it has a blu-ray drive)and the quality displayed on the Monitor 2 is sub-par to an actual blu-ray player (one directly hooked to tv, or even my PS3). although the quality on Monitor 1 is exceptional especially in comparison to monitor 2, so i dont believe it is the blu-ray drive.

So what i am looking for is a Graphics card and maybe other hardware that will allow me to play these games and blu-rays at a exceptional quality on my second monitor. I also would like to add a 3rd monitor eventually, i dont know if possible on this computer but please let me know..........

Thanks Justin.
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  1. It could be becuase monitor two is a TV not a monitor. Sometimes TVs don't look amazing when hooked up to a computer. It could also be because you are streching 720p video into a 108p screen.

    Now for games, thast different, you just didn't buy a good enough card to run games at 1080p.

    What is your budget?
  2. Like Helltech asked - what is your budget? An AMD 5570 would probably run with that PSU and maybe even a 5670 but you would really be pushing it.
  3. i have a budget of around 250....but can save more if needed. Ive never done any real upgrades so i am not all to sure what i actually need to get along with a graphics card. Do i need more memory?
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