If i Sli wil i see much improvement?

Hey guys, Im wanting to sli my msi hawk gtx 460... but the question is , do i have an enough powerful of a PC to see an improvement? As of right now i have a single gtx 460 hawk 1gb, an intel core i5 750 clocked at 3.00ghz, 8gb of 1333 corsair xms3 ram, and a corsair 750w psu. Also an asus p7p55d-e pro motherboard... Any help would be grateful guys. Thanks-Justin.

Games I play..(Incase it is needed)
*Black Ops, CoD4, Bad company 2, LFD2, Crysis 2, and Vindictus...

I game mostly, but also render a decent amount of videos.
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  1. The i5 is more than enough for the 460's and you'll see a big boost although it varies game to game.
  2. What is your resolution? I would say if you are at 1080p or above it's worthwhile, a single 460 can't maintain 60 fps maxed out at 1080p on all those those games. It will definately speed up video rendering if you have cuda compatable software.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the quick replies! I am playing on a 1080p monitor and I use all the adobe cs5 programs and 3DS max. The only thing stopping me from buying Is that someone told me the mobo pci slots are not fast enough so I wouldn't see a difference? Can someone clarify that please. Thanks.
  4. Also would Sli heat up my case alot more? My single 460 idles at 29c and hardly ever reaches 60c
  5. It will heat up some, especially the top card, but if your case is well ventilated it won't be an issue, your temps are pretty low. The PCI-E slots running at 8x+8x in SLI isn't a big deal, it's like 1 or 2% slower than 16x+16x.
  6. Oh alrigt thank you! Will the i5 bottle neck me in Sli?
  7. Boom44 said:
    Oh alrigt thank you! Will the i5 bottle neck me in Sli?

    i don't think so. but you can try overclock your cpu more just to eliminate any possible bottleneck effect for the SLI setup
  8. I have a q9550 which is slower than your i5 and GTX 465s in SLI (similar performance to 460s) and all my games are at least 50% faster with SLI on, some are close to 90% faster, so no, the i5 isn't going to be a bottleneck.
  9. Alright thanks for all the quick answers guys! I guess i will invest in a 2nd 460 then. Thanks everyone.
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