One thing after another today.

so my logitech 7.1 speakers (cannot remember the model) which I bought 3 years ago are playing up as when the volume is low, you hear alot of load buzz type sound but when you increase the volume it kind of dies out.
they cost alot of money then and I was only looking for a standard good quality 2.0 speakers. had no choice as no one seems to do 2.0 good quality speakers.

anyway so I am here to ask you on what you recommend in terms of good speakers for my desktop system? bass must be good as should the quality of sound (so its not dampned or anything).

what about wireless speakers? good or bad?

It would be nice if there was a combo between having wireless and wired so you can have say 2 speakers which are wireless, and the other 3 wired.

anyway - what speakers do you recommend? I am looking for something good priced, not expensive!
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  1. This is an update to the legendary Z-5500's. It is still wired and 5.1. http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Surround-Speaker-System-980-000467/dp/B004M18O60/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1319901041&sr=8-22

    This is a 2.1 system but I heard the sound has be to be heard to be believed, it won many awards. http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Gaming-High-Power-Speaker-CA-SP211NA/dp/B004H0MQYW/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1319901249&sr=1-1

    Logitech DID have a 5.1 system but it seems to be discontinued. http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Z-5450-Digital-Speaker-970181-0403/dp/B000AM6QHO

    Personally, I'd go with the Corsair. 5.1 takes up too much space.
  2. klipsch thx 2.1 wireless - just about every PC speaker sounds like a tin can. this system comes close to sounding like real bookshelf speakers.
  3. Unless you have a decent soundcard,expensive speakers are a waste of money in a pc set-up.
    Would probably explain your speakers poor performance if you were using an onboard audio chip.
  4. Thanks.

    i never use onboard audio. my soundcard is pretty decent,
  5. ok im torn between the corsair and the wireless klipsch....
  6. I don't see much point in wireless 2.1....
  7. less wires maybe? :p

    i wish I could go to a store and buy the corsair sp2500 today but no stores seems to have them. *sigh*
  8. you can always get the wired version of the klipsch speakers, i have them and I like them better then any other speakers I have heard (including corsair).
  9. OK, so today I went into london to the Bose store.
    I bought the Companion 5. Very impressive speakers but pricey. But thats ok, however I was unable to get the feeling from the subwoofer regardless of the subwoofer setting.

    There is a track that completely failed on bass - majority off bass frequencies on that were too low/quite (again, irrespective of the subwoofer volume).

    The Logitech X530 that I had (which somewhat is dying) could handle it no problem along with other tracks I have been playing and comparing.

    but no doubt, the quality is clean in terms of sound - so im not disappointed at bose at all, just the bass frequencies.... needing to be cleared up in its woofer or something.

    The good thing about them is that you have 30 days trial and if you dont like it - full refund. so im going back tomorrow to return these. just sick of having to do this. 2 speaker sets returned in a week. why so difficult to find a decent set of desktop speakers without having to go down the bookshelf route?

    the other one that looked tempting, again, from you tube videos was the Creative S750 however, no one will either have this in store or unable to demo.

    overall - bose are good in terms of majority of the clarity, just not so much on the bass/sub bass/bass-lower mid range
  10. Bose speakers have never been known for their bass (including their bookshelf speakers)
  11. Thanks - I know now :) teehee.

    what next? :( I really need something.
  12. like i stated before, i find speakers from computer companies to be pure crap

    boston acoustic had a nice pair of 2.0 speakers they used to sell
    klipsch with their 2.0 & 2.1 speakers, ive used both and both are good
    M-audio has nice computer bookshelf speakers
    B&W makes an excellent pair of computer speakers
  13. Thanks. I wish there were more shops (in the UK at least, especially london!) where you can "try" before you buy like the bose showroom.

    I read alot of complaints about the Creative S670 where the "fuse" would blow.
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