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MSI MOBO All of the fans have stopped working

My computer shut down yesterday rather abruptly and after starting it and checking my system monitor saw the CPU was running at around 200 degrees F. My 2 case fans and CPU fan were not running at all, which the BIOS was also aware of. I'm running a MSI motherboard that is just shy of 2 years old. I have hooked up a spare power supply but the fans will still not run, although the system boots up to completion. Any ideas?

Could it be something in the BIOS regarding fan control or has my motherboard bit it again?

Has anyone run their computer like this with say.. a window fan cooling it temporarily? I would like to run it as I troubleshoot but it heats up too fast, of course.

The fans are all clean.. blew them out with air last month and carefully cleaned them. They are all attached to the motherboard. I am unsure which plug from the PSU provides the power to the board specifically for the fans if there is.

I did pull the CPU fan plug from the board and it still rebooted fine. None of the fans are getting any power. I loaded the default BIOS settings and got a CMOS Checksum Bad error upon reboot but understand that happens when a reset is done and has not returned. I am beside myself on how to check this without having to do a motherboard replacement.
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  1. Either the +12V rail on the power supply failed or the motherboard failed. Since the CPU still 'works', the +12V rail must still be OK. I would say the board failed.
  2. Yes, I expect it is the board.. shame ya can't get 2 years out of a board. I am running the fans direct to the power supply. The machine boots up now some times on the first shot, other times can't even get the BIOS screen and takes several attempts. Once up it sometimes freezes and I have to hard boot. A real pain.
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    Sounding more and more like a bad board. And yes, you should and normally will get lots more than 2 yeard out of a board. You just drew short straw this time and got a bad board. I've had brand new boards be DOA. And others that I bought almost a generation ago still working. Find something to take your frustration out on, and then order an new board.
  4. It has been solid for a week suddenly. I tightened the vid card case screw, which was loose and maybe the jostling in the slot was funking out my board.. or at least I hope. Yea, I am still FUBARed with the fans and the board will fail me eventually... probably soon.
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