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my son's wired router has been messing w/ my computer for years. it's a dynex. plus i was sick and tired of having his cable running thru my home. he doesn't want a wireless, so i had him run the cable under the house and now were ready to buy a wired router. he can spend up to $35.00 on one. if the cheaper works about as good as the more expensive one, then we'll go w/ that. thanx,
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  1. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=25485&t=2232477

    The Verizon is the least expensive wireless G router I know of at the moment (occasionally others will come along, but that’s a waiting game). It seems to work as well as most other routers in its class (in fact, the wireless signal strength seems to be better than average). I know you're not interested in wireless, but it takes only a few seconds to disable it. And if you need it later, it's there for you. The only thing none of us knows is the long term reliability. Then again, you could probably say that about almost any wireless router at this price range, so I’m not sure it should play into the decision. Realize it’s only 10/100mbps ethernet, so if you need Gigabit (1000mbps), you’ll need to look elsewhere (of course, it’s not likely you’ll find a Gigabit router for less than $50, much less $35).

    Even if you decide on a different router, I would still recommend a wireless router since, as I said, you can always disable it. It not only increases its resale value, but there’s a FAR greater number of choices available among wireless routers than wired-only routers. So much so, you may find wired-only routers actually cost MORE simply because they’re much less in demand!
  2. Another cheap Wired Router is TP-Link. Type TL-R460.

    It is VERY cheap, and the review even says it's the cheapest from all routers, and has five-star features like those in expensive routers. It even has QoS.


    I can recommend this one because I bought it myself. $20 is not an expensive price, no?
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