Silverstone Fortress 2 180mm fans not spinning

I built my first system about 6 months ago and everything went great. Today I noticed that the bottom three 180mm fans on my Silverstone Fortress 2 are not spinning at all - no idea how long this has been happening. These fans just plug straight into the power supply. So far I have tried:

1. Checking all of the connections - still not working.
2. I replaced the power connector with a new one - still not working.
3. I switched where it was plugged into the power supply with the CD drive. The CD drive was working and the fans were not - after switching the CD drive worked and the fans did not.

They don't do anything when switching from low to high either. I'm not sure what to do from here besides triple checking the connections and trying again.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. OK I figured it out. The fan cable that connects the three fans to one power connector has its black wire pin pulled loose. Now - how do I figure out where it goes back in to the four pin coupling? Next to the red wires, one over from that, or all the way over? Or does it matter?
  2. Thanks. The fans actually have a 2 pin connector that goes straight into the power supply. I found out here where the black goes. Thanks for the help.

    At the time I had 5-7 kids running around the house and my mother-in-law is on her way over for a visit - my brain wasn't in any condition to problem solve. All good now.
  3. cool tell me how it runs.i am thinking of doing a 6870xfx crossfire in that :P
  4. I really like this case. Also, without the fans running the CPU and GPU temps are 4-6 degrees C higher. Once I got the fans running again those temps went right back down.
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