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6950 temps too high?

Hi i'm trying to get a feel for whether my concern towards my 1gb 6950's temps is warranted or not. I just recently received this card as an exchange for a defective 5870 from XFX, I know the 6950 runs hotter than the 5870 but I think my card may be defective. It idles at around 48c-51c with the custom fan profile I made in afterburner, which is 30% fan speed at that temp, seems a bit high for a non-oc'd single monitor setup with decent airflow, but from what I've seen this kind of idle temp isn't completely unheard of. It's the load temps that have me concerned with this curve I cannot stay below 90c playing games like The Witcher 1, more demanding games of course are even worse. Furmark temps with my set up hit 90's quick even at 100% fan speed, I tried putting my fan on 40% which is as loud as most people will tolerate and have acceptable temps because I was curious how furmark would handle it. This quickly pushed my card above 100c, and in games 40% just isn't enough to stay stable. This can't be normal right? I'm just trying to find out while i start this RMA process, again... I put a picture of my fan profile on the bottom which shows my curve, and my idle temp if it matters.

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  1. With 100% fan and 90°C the temp is high but then again Furmark loads it more than any other application. What are your gaming temps at 100% fan?
  2. I'll have to test 100% fan, however that is so loud that that really doesn't seem viable, and for a single card 1 monitor doesn't even seem right. The highest I have it set to go is about 80% to try and keep me below 90c, which it usually fails to do very well, i suspect 100% would keep me below 90c in most applications, but that noise is insane. I'll try to test that later.
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    Neither Nvidia or AMD like Furmark, they consider it a heat virus. That is definitely a lot more fan than is needed in normal situations. You should need more than 40-45% under the most demanding gaming situations.
  4. APPLY NEW THERMAL PASTE OR GET A NEW VGA COOLER!!!!! Why the fcuk are you even asking? the stock coolers on the newest highend cards are Absolute BULLshit. also they usually use toothpaste as the compound, or worst case scenario no paste at all!!

    no but SERIOSULY you need to get a new VGA (Graphics card heatsink with a fan or two) cooler. id recommend this:


    OR if you havent got 50 bucks, get a new thermal paste!!

    Coolaboratory Liquid pro

    around 8 times better cooling that most high end thermal pastes (no ***)
    [ must N O T be installed on Aluminium Heatsinks ]

    Get AS5 paste, or ANY AC MX-1 or any of those good pastes, which are cheap and good!

    Nuff said!
  5. @ my last post

    actually the link To the Coolaboratory site is FD up, just google Liquid Pro.
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