Which Fan for Phenom II X6 1090t

Hey guys,

Just wondering what fans are guys chose to run with this CPU...
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  1. u overclocking, if yes u want a high end thing such as the noctua d14, if youre not a lwer end cooler such as the freezer 13 pro, or the hyper 212 would do well while being much cheaper
  2. That Noctua D14 is MASSIVE!! yea I've noticed alot of people were running that... I'm not really certain whether i want to OC yet.

    still looking into AMD or Intel. My 3 previous systems were AMD.. I would like to stay loyal... but alot of the reviews around point to the i5 or i7 especially for gaming.
  3. A quality mid-level HSF is the Hyper 212+. There are many HSFs to choose from and the link belows give you cooling and noise data to help you decide what would be best for your application.

  4. Thanks dude
  5. the d14 is massive but if youre trying to cool a very hot system quietly it cant be beaten without watercooling
  6. yea, I do like it... I'm picky with looks and color schemes lol and Lets be honest, the D14 isn't attractive at all lol. Also I just wanted to make sure i have enough room in my case.

    I am going with the lancool k62 lian li, i really like this case and i don't want to switch.

    The next thing i'm looking at is if my video card/cards will have an issue fitting in the case.

    I was thinking of sli 560 ti, or just one gtx 580 but I am concerned with the length.
  7. Right now I think the Xigmatek Aegir 128264 is one of the better top five AMD CPU HSFs as it uses new tech and only needs one relatively quiet fan to achieve excellent cooling results and it's only $70 so a decent value too.
  8. yea, thats a nice looking HSF also BeenThere.

    Any idea if people MOD the noctua and swop out the fans or paint the fans?
  9. you could swap out the fans but i dont think painting them would be a good idea,
  10. Yea i probably wouldn't even bother. With internal blue LED's i don't think it's gonna be much of a problem. Just a thought.
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