Extra Graphics Card on Intel Core i3 2120.

Uhh Just wondering am I going to be able to install...

On this computer??
Would there be space for this big card...?

It's Confusing...
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  1. No, because of the power supply mostly, you could build a MUCH better computer for the same price as that Prebuilt though.
  2. Oh... I know but.. it costs alot for win 7 unless I get the torrented version.
  3. I'm also kinda not good with building computers since I'm very unexperienced.
    Would you need...
    CPU Board
    Graphics card
    To build a computer...?
  4. Even with Win7 the system will be a lot better.
    Trust me.

    My system I have now cost me £435 with Win7.
    The extra £35 could get you a better processor and a HD 6870.

    EDIT : Ill pick out the components for you.
    EDIT 2 : You could with a Phenom II 955, its a little cheaper than the i3 and more games, like BF3, are starting to fully utilize more cores.
  5. What do you mean by pick out the components for me?
  6. agree, for £450, you can do better, although its harder than I thought, do you have any bits you can reuse?
  7. Nope XD The PC I'm using now is my second laptop XD I've only lived for 13 years. No reusable parts XD. Need to build a PC for less than 400.
  8. Less than £400, but it's £460 for those parts?
  9. W..Which parts...? Sry T_T
  10. That Lenevo + the GPU are £460.
  11. Oh... I was thinking of upgrading later on hehehe...
  12. I might just use the AHEM!-orrented version of Windows
  13. Oh, in that case, I can change a few things.
  14. How do I view the page...? Sorry...
  15. Uhhh registering hehe..
  16. I was under the impression you didn't need to register to view it.

    EDIT : Oh sorry wrong link, here is the one without, It has a HD 6770 which you can sell and upgrade to a new GPU better on, but is still a good GPU Win7 : https://www.aria.co.uk/WishList/py8XZD0evf-7C7bElaDZAA,,
  17. Hum... it says...
    Wish Lists

    Your Lists:

    You have no Wishlists yet!

    To create a Wishlist, select a Product and choose "Add to Wish List" or convert your Basket into a Wishlist!
  18. Thank you! Hum... Is it possible to make it just little cheaper XD? I'm only going to run games like... MW2, BC2, TF2, FSX. Not too bothered about running games like BF3...
  19. Its £360 isn't it?

    That's how much the Lenevo was.

    EDIT : Sorry, turns out it was £440, here's a cheaper one for £365 https://www.aria.co.uk/WishList/lD7rApC0V3IyExdzwRJtug,,
  20. It was... but... just trying to save money here hehe...
  21. Since I don't have much money in my pockets.
  22. OMG Thank you so much...
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