Can any case fan be controlled by M/B header?

Total newbie here. First build. My new case has three case fans, one inbound and two exhaust, and I will also have a CPU cooler. Can one of these Rosewill splitters be used to control two of the case fans and the CPU cooler? Connector-compatibility issues aside, is a specific kind of case fan required, or can any case fan have its speed be controlled?
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  1. The CPU cooler will plug into your mobo whereas your case fans will run of your psu. There is no control for the case fans as far as I know. I have one on mine and it just runs a constant 1200rpm and doesn't really do much. It is a blue LED fan and just makes my case look nice tbh :)

    In terms of cooling case fans help TO A POINT. It is very rare that your components will become too hot unless your overclocking your cpu and gpu extensivley :D and I mean to seriously highspeeds.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm not overclocking. My office at home lacks A/C and reached 100F (38C) this summer for an entire week, so I decided to err on the side of too much cooling. The new PC should be a lot quiter than the one I have now, which is quite noisy when its 90mm pull-style fan revs up.
  3. AlistairH1993 said:

    In terms of cooling case fans help TO A POINT.

    Well, yes. Case fans should move air through a case. Without that, the CPU fan will just circulate the warm air inside the case.
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