Graphic card for photoshop cs5?

I have a Gateway FX-4710 UB003A model. Here is the link to the computer's spec

The graphic card broke down, so I replaced it with Radeon HD 6850.

I also updated the power supply to corsair with 750W.

I thought it was going to be much faster, but it isn't. I use photoshop for digital painting, and I need large brushes to work smoothly.

I usually work at 17"X11" with 200 dpi, but also go up to 20"X40" with 150 dpi. Brush sizes, for me, goes up to about 1000 (sometimes 1500) pixels, but with the new graphic card,

it doesn't seem to be providing the speed that my old one did. The spec is much higher, but it just seems slower, let alone faster.

Should I change the graphic card to NVIDIA? or does the rest of the computer just not powerful enough to support the video card?

I am hoping to spend less than $200 dollars on the graphic card.
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  1. Are running anything else in the background. That may explain the slowdowns.
  2. normally people who use PS CS5 will opt more to nvidia cards due to the software support for nvidia CUDA.
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