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Overclocking Nvidia 8400 GS

I am using gigabyte g41m-es2l mobo with Nvidia 8400gs. Recently I have overclocked my Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS to -
Core- 750, Memory- 450, Shader- 1800 with Easy Tune 6 software which comes with my mobo.

I have played COD Black Ops & NFS Undercover( 4x A.A.) after the overclock.
Games didn't crash. But the heat is going upto 75c. Will it hurt the life of my G.Card?? Or is it ok to use??

Plz help... :whistle:
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  1. Personally i wouldn't recommend overclocking the 8400GS because of the lack of a good cooling fan on it. If i remember correctly they made one with a heatsink only and one with a small little dinky 2" fan that basically doesnt do anything. It will hurt the life of your G.Card but if you have a program to turn up the fan speeds i would turn them to max to minimize heat when you overclock. Otherwise i would just recommend buying a new card for 50$ that is leaps and bounds faster than a 8400gs. 8400gs = slower than a 6600 gt.

    I had to run one for a while while i was waiting for my RMA card to get back and man my old 6800 ultra can run laps around it.
  2. 75C is ok.But how did you measure them??
  3. sayantan said:
    75C is ok.But how did you measure them??

    I use Everest Ultimate edition & CPU ID Hardware Monitor & Tech Powerup GPU-Z 5.3..
  4. The heat was 75c in the MAX reading.. When Idle it is 52c..
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    thats pretty cool.But how long do you plan to use the card?If i were you I would beat the crap out of this card before I purchase a new one.Try to clock it higher .Temps under 85c is fine although most of the card can hit 110C before they break down.
  6. OCing crap just results in hotter crap. Dump that card (or save it for when you need a backup card.) and buy a real card. Even the lowend AMD 5570 is faster then that junk.
  7. I agree.. But before buying a new one I am trying to unleash the best of this little crap. It is not so bad now. The Memory Bandwidth- 7.2 Gb/s, Pixel Fillrate- 3.0 Gpixel/s,
    Texture fillrate- 3.0 Gtexel/s.. Ha Ha..
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