Access violation

I've begun to get an error message on bootup: "Access violation at 0042D7DE in module TurboVHelp.exe at 00000000". What does this mean?
ASUS P8Z68-V SX with i5-2400, Win 7 64 Pro
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  1. i'd like to know too. i get it sometimes
  2. Sounds like a symptom of bad RAM at first blush. So I'd start by grabbing a copy of memtest86+ and letting that run for a couple hours. If you start getting errors, then you'll want to test the RAM modules individually until you find the one that is defective so you can replace it.
  3. actually i read somewhere else that it was related to Asus Suite II, and to fix it i could uninstall suites and reinstall. i just uninstalled since i never use it. that fixed the error. haven't seen it since and that was quite awhile ago
  4. Ok here is my solution that worked for me:

    Step 1: Go to MSConfig.exe (if due to some issue your system is not starting you can do the same from safe mode)

    Step 2: Navigate to Startup tab and uncheck AiChargerPlus Application. I targeted to uncheck anything relevant to ASUS or AI Suite.

    Step 3: Restart the system.(In my case my system just displayed the error message and could not login to windows, by doing this I was able to go into my system)

    Step 4: Try to install AI Suite again using either installer or the CD provided. Navigate to Utilities>>ASUS AI Suite II, click next to move to next screen.

    Step 5: The next screen will show list of ASUS Utilitites. Select TURBOV EVO and install it. (Yes its already installed and it will probably overwrite the existing files or whatever, but it worked for me)

    Step 6: Now try starting AI Suite II, it should work. Change back to the default setting in MSConfig.exe and restart it.

    I was able to login to my system, then start AI Suite II. Although I did not try to uninstall AI Suite II but the uninstall.exe worked and it displayed the expected window.

    Thank You
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