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ATI 4850 11.5 catalyst driver update: Screen Keeps Dimming

This is probable an easy fix but i cant figure out how too it.
I changed my graphics card to a 4850 a week ago, installed lastest drivers and now every time I'm either on the desktop, view a web page that doesn't have a scroll bar and even playing some games, the screen dims. Any other time its at normal brightness.
I had an nvidia card before this if it helps, encase its a driver conflicts.
This is starting to really annoy me and your help will be much appreciated.

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  1. So you used driversweeper to remove all your nvidia drivers before you installed your ATI card right?
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    Also keep in mind that while a newer driver may fix old bugs or improve performance, it can also cause new bugs as well.

    Use driversweeper to completely remove all nVidia and AMD/ATI drivers. Reboot and then install Catalyst 11.5 drivers. If the problem persists then try an older Catalyst version.
  3. Used driver sweeper and now every time i log in i get a blank white screen only half a dozen to a dozen processes running. I cant install drivers in safe mode because it just comes up with "failed to load detection driver". I tried installing them manually but still doesn't work. If anyone knows how to fix my new problem that would be awesome.
  4. Its all fixed now
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