Problem with 8 pin to 6 Pin PCI Express for nVidia GTS450

Problem with 8 pin to 6 Pin PCI Express for nVidia GTS450

I have nVidia GTS450 with requires 6-pin power but my PSU have 8 Pin Power.

• I used to use "2 4pin to 6 pin molex converter", it came with my Card
• But it occupies 2 4pins
• So I have just purchased 8 pin to 6 Pin PCI Express converter, ( this one
• Somehow it's not working at all,
• When I connect and try to power on, the system is not getting ON.
• LED on mother board is glowing. But system is not turning on.

When I again use "2 4pin to 6 pin molex converter" … it working perfect.

I think converter is not cross-connecting properly.

Can you please help me, with this. Can any expert tell me right way?
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  1. What PSU do you have? I'd bet that you have a 6 pin, or you have a 6+2.
  2. No Dear, Its not having that option.

    8 pin connector is fixed, no option to remove 2 pins (like 6+2)

    I have checked that before I placed order for new "converter"

    If that would have worked.. i could not have ordered "8 pin to 6 pin"
  3. what is your exact model of PSU?
  4. I am at office right now, will tell you model number when at home, will also try to send you pics, so you guys will get an idea.

    But trust me, there is no option to detach 2-pins.
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