Computer crashing

I recently added a new sound card and HDD to my computer.
The sound card was only purchased because a family member tripped over the wire connected to the audio port on my motherboard and broke the connection.
So in preperation for a new motherboard I unassembled the computer.

An exact timeline of events would be:

1. Come home to find computers audio port in the condition stated above.
2. I unassemble the computer in preparation for a replacement mobo.
3. I remove every part including the cpu from the mobo.
4. I bring the motherboard in to be fixed but am given a cheap soundcard to install instead of replacing it.
5. I install reassemble pc and install soundcard (in my opinion carefully, i built the original myself aswell).
6. Problems begin. Noticed after about 2 hours of use.

p.s I did not notice any problems prior to unassembling pc but did not subject it to prolonged use.

I can't recall it happening before I installed the new components, but I did not use the computer for more than a few minutes at a time during that brief
period in which I had no sound. It always happens after about 2 hours use, but it sometimes stretches longer than that.
Since installing the new sound card and HDD my computer does the following.

Randomly the screen will go black and the system becomes entirely unresponsive, the fans and lights stay on. A reset is required. Sometimes this will not work unless the computer is left for a while. (It just boots and freezes).

Randomly the computer will freeze and become completely unresponsive and a reset is required. (screen still on).

Randomly it will reboot itself.

Sometimes I am met with this message upon booting

"please enter setup to recover BIOS setting

CMOS date/time not set

press f1 to run setup

press f2 to load default values and continue"

The date and time are then found to be wrong in the bios.

I actually sent it in to a shop to be fixed, they cleaned the entire system and reset all connections and claimed to have it running for 24 hours without a problem. I was delighted only to find the exact same problem when I got it back. I never actually dealt with them though it was my father who took it in for me and spoke to them. He does not know anything about computers he just knew the guy in the shop. So I am on my own now because I can't afford to get this fixed.

I tried the computer with a different HDD and with no soundcard in but the problem persists.

I monitored the temps with speedfan and all are normal.

Reformated to no avail so its hadrly a virus.

Tried different power outlet to no avail.

It's unlikely to be the CMOS battery as the mobo is less than a year old.

amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition
Radeon HD 4870
Corsair 800 watt PSU
4 GB Corsair Dominator RAM
ASUS m4n79xtd EVO
seagate barracuda 7200.12 hdd

Please help me diagnose this problem!
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  1. You can do what the shop did; run it on a bench for awhile and see if the problem disappears. If you can't fix it, start shopping for a new or open box board; I won't buy open box unless I get about 30% off; newegg may even carry your board open box.
  2. So you think it's the motherboard? How can i be sure? What tests do I run to isolate the problem component?
  3. Kedeli said:
    So you think it's the motherboard? How can i be sure? What tests do I run to isolate the problem component?

    OK, I know some of these things might sound silly but check well the following:

    The graphics card is properly inserted.
    Enter bios, disable your motherboard audio chip, make sure the bios settings are set, save and reboot.

    What soundcard did you get? It also sounds like a driver issue, some soundcard drivers are a nightmare, try to check it out. does the pc do the same if you remove the soundcard you installed?
    Is there anything wrong on device manager?
    Event viewer?
    Good luck
  4. no none of those things... how do i pinpoint the problem??!?!?
  5. What do you mean by none of those things? what was the outcome of these tests?
    Did you try a fresh install without the soundcard?

    Are the motherboard connectors seriously damaged? if so, then there you go..the circuits would be faulty and can produce a crash.
  6. The graphics card is installed properly, mobo's audio chip is disabled, same problem without sound card and no problems in device manager. I have not checked event manager how do I do that?
  7. Ok. If it is vista or 7 just type in event viewer on menu.if xp then control panel,administrative tools,event viewer.check all the logs,system,aplications..
  8. Forgot to say, check what happens in it tjere for a while.if it does the same then it is a hardware fault.
  9. could you please clarify where exactly i should look in events viewer after it happens?
  10. Sorry lol a bit of bad writting there..
    I meant to say boot tue pc,go into bios.(hit del key or supr) once you are in the bios, wait for a while, to see what it does, this is one of the best ways to check hardware faults.

    Also un bios make sure it recognizes the hard disk,by telling you its name,size.

    When you are in event viewer,at the left hand side panel there should be a section with the logs, select for example the 'System' log and check for errors on the right hand side, where it will show you the information regarding System. And do the same with the 'application' log. I hope you find something.
  11. Take out the sound card and uninstall the drivers. Then try to operate with no sound. Play games and things.

    See if the problem happens without any sound card at all.
  12. I have tried taking out the soundcard but it still happens. Just went into bios there and it froze 2 times in quick succession.
  13. Well, if they really did damage the motherboard somehow by tripping over the cord, there may not be much you can do. Next time it might not be such a bad idea to put a rug or something on top of the audio cable.

    In any event, the battery is silver and about as big around as a thumb nail, you can try to pop that out with a screw driver or something, wait a minute or two and stick it back in.

    It is possible that somehow tripping over the audio cable somehow caused the battery to get unseated and doing this could fix it. I wouldn't put too much hope in that, though.

    There may not be too much left you can do short of getting a new motherboard.
  14. so you definitely think it's the mobo? i don't mind getting a new one but i want to be 100% sure. i had my computer running for id say 12 hours between today and yesterday combined. i have not played any games on it though. but today i went into the bios and it froze after less than a minute 3 times in a row. surely that must mean something in particular? anyone please!?
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  16. ok I won't use this no more. Em feel free to close it admins, or do I do it?
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